Synthetic Winch Rope 45m (10mm)

Synthetic Winch Rope 45m (10mm)

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Synthetic Winch Rope is the latest technology for winches. Offering a substantially lighter option to cable, it is just as strong and removes the worry of splinters or kinking a cable! Retrofit to Sherpa winches as well as other brands.

  • Superior safety compared to steel winch cable.
  • A great upgrade for steel cable winches. Rope is lightweight, floats on water, doesn't recoil and still offers the high breaking strength of cable.

  • The hook end has a stainless steel sleeving making hook attachment simple, yet strong and prevents abrasion on the rope.

  • SNS can also supply aluminium hawse suitable for use with rope.

  • Manufactured to maintain braking load even after years of use. Fully UV, abrasion and chemically solvent resistant.


This is high-quality winch rope as used on all Sherpa winches. Don't risk the cheaper products on the market as the breaking strains are lower than advertised.

Attaching to the Winch Drum

Sherpa winch drums are designed so they can accept either type of rope end crimp (pin type or screw on type).

Winch Rope Models: SWR28MB, SWR30MB, SWR45MB

Standard synthetic winch ropes in 28m, 30m and 45m have the following crimp to attach to the winch drum.

Winch Rope Crimp